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About Us

Our Story, His Glory

After years of struggling to move our previous work away from “extreme legalism”, an issue which required Godly love instead of continued human punishment, culminated in the majority of folks leaving that work in early 2011. With no particular organized direction, the Rowbottom family had decided to meet as a family unit at the home of Jim and Ethel Rowbottom Sunday, January 23, 2011 as an informal family worship service. The events that occurred in the week leading up to that date revealed that God had a different plan. After announcing that he was stepping down as elder and leaving the previous work on Sunday, January 16, 2011, Jim and his son-in-law, Jeff Carr, were sitting watching a hockey game on Tuesday night of that week when Jim got an interesting call from a member of Courtland Bible Fellowship offering him the use of their building on Sundays as their church group held their worship services on Saturday evenings. Folks from the former work also began calling until the next night the initial meeting was held along with a prayer meeting and Bible study of this new fellowship of believers. Twenty three people were present at that first meeting. It was decided that this new group would become a non-denominational Bible-believing fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ and the infallible Word of God. Legalism was deemed to be intolerable as they had gained their freedom by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the goal became to follow God’s Will, using His Word as their guide book and His love as an example, and not the laws of man. Possible names were discussed and a decision was to be made at a later date. The original trustees were nominated and voted on with Arnold Brown, Hubert Hill, Dana Hayward, Jim Rowbottom and Jeff Carr and Don Mathews who would also be treasurers.

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We are an independent non-denominational fellowship of Bible-believing evangelical believers who exist to exalt and glorify God by building up the body of Christ one person and one family at a time, which allows us to serve Him and reach the world for our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Our vision and purpose is to provide a Christ-centred, caring environment where people can grow in their relationship with God. Our desire is that every resident of the Otter Creeks Area, and by extension the world, understands God’s simple plan of salvation for their lives.

We seek to provide specific opportunities and encourage every member of the body of Christ to be involved in ministry.

​We desire to intentionally glorify God through our joyful participation in worship as evidenced through praise and worship, the study of the Word, the observance of the Lord’s Ordinances (Baptism and Breaking of Bread/Communion), cheerful giving, and fruitful evangelism.

A Church For Your Family!



Grace Family Bible Fellowship

of the Otter Creeks Area

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